Currency Coffee Co. Our Company And Our Mission

Options for all. 

In addition to our coffee for foodservice and home, we offer the best equipment available as well as retail options to cross-merchandise. Our portfolio includes commercial coffee machines from Wilbur Curtis, Franke, Bunn, Compak and Unic, 

What We Offer

What started as an idea to build a small business has grown to a cause. We are growing our brand and business to add jobs and support a mill town. Plain and simple, it's about where we live and where we call home. Dalton is a small town in the Berkshires. It has been home to paper companies that have come and most have gone. The one remaining is Crane. Started in 1801, it stands alone as the economic engine of our town. We are aiming to add to that engine and grow to employ those who wish to work and keep our town alive. 

Torani Syrups-

We are proud to align ourselves with the highest standard in the syrup and sauce industry, Torani. We are offing an inclusive line of their products. 


Tea and beyond-

Besides our great coffee we are now offering tea from Yes Tea Company. Loose leaf and cold brew tea are now available at our office. 

Coffee and more

Founded in the home of American currency paper, Dalton Massachusetts. To this day all US currency starts as paper here. We are honoring that tradition. This is what drives Currency Coffee Co. Our Company and Our Mission. 


Blends and single origin coffees are what drives us. We offer great blends, as a specialty coffee retailer, for espresso, drip and pourover. We offer 10 oz, 16oz, 1 Kilo and 5 lb bags. 


Cold Brew-

Our love of great blends has led us to Liquid Currency, our fresh cold brew coffees. We are offing three exclusive blends for home and foodservice accounts.