Rich and full bodied flavor is the best way to describe this Indonesian coffee. 2-16oz bags $32 with free shipping. 

This is the most versatile coffee we offer. light/medium roast. Great as an espresso or used in drip/ pourover brewing. 2-16oz bags $34, free shipping

A traditional blend with Brazilian coffee as the foundation. Medium roast. 2-16oz bags $32, free shipping

32oz Justice Blend   $15

32oz Civilization Blend   $15

A swim water decaf blend. Dark roast to bring out a full flavor. 2-16oz bags with free shipping $36

2- 16oz bags of our rich and robust dark roast blend. Whole bean coffee. Free shipping. $32

Dani Daniels' own blend of Ethiopian and Sumatran coffees blended post roast. 2, 1 lb. bags. Free shipping   $50

This Indian coffee is a unique coffee for its balanced acidity and flavor. Use in espresso and drip/ pourover 2-16oz bags for $34 with free shipping 

64oz Justice Blend    $28

Currency Coffee Specialty Gourmet Coffee

2- 16oz bags of our best selling Cannonball blend with free shipping! $32

A great African coffee with perfect flavor. 2-16oz bags $36 with free shipping

This is our go to everyday great coffee. Smooth with a bright, distinct flavor. Well balanced.       2- 16oz bags with free shipping. $32

We now offer our great cold brew concentrate. Our coffees steep for hours to bring out the smooth and rich tastes that only cold brew can bring out. We bottle our concentrate in 32oz and 64oz bottles. These are not available for shipping due to weight and the glass bottles. You can order here and we will have it ready for your arrival for pickup at our location. For those that LOVE cold brew coffee, we will give quotes for shipping but it is cost prohibitive. 

32oz Independence Blend   $15

2- 16oz bags of  our dark roast espresso. Whole beans with a light oil sheen. A rich cream with chocolate notes. Free shipping.  $32

64oz Civilization Blend   $28

Bold and dark Justice Blend Coin Cups. Use them in all Keurig brewers. 2- 12 count bags for $25 including shipping! 

64oz Independence Blend    $28