Cafelat Grouphead Brush


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Think your group is clean? Think again!
Your group is really dirty up around the gasket area and the bayonet ring. Keeping your group clean is a vital component to being able to produce coffee the way your roaster intended. Regular cleaning brushes won't clean up there, so Cafelat came up with the Cafelat Group Cleaning Brush.
The patented Cafelat Group Cleaning Brush is designed to clean your espresso machine's group head, in particular those hard-to-reach areas around the sealing gasket. The brush fits most standard commercial espresso machines (58 mm) and "locks" into the group just like a portafilter. Each box set comes with an extra pair of natural fiber bristles. Full instructions on how to use and change the brushes are included.
Buy replacement brushes here:  Grouphead Replacement Brushes 6ct

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