Kalerm Premium (Superautomatic)


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Kalerm Premium (Superautomatic) - Currency Coffee Co
Kalerm Premium (Superautomatic) - Currency Coffee Co

Looking to improve your espresso game at home? This superautomatic compact espresso machine is the perfect solution! Easy to use, beautiful design, coffee shop quality foam and crema. 


  • One touch fully automatic espresso, cappuccino, latte, cafe americano & hot water machine
  • Touch screen display
  • Programmable auto shut-off
  • Preparation time when machine is ready to brew - 30 seconds for espresso & 2 minutes for lattes/cappucinos 
  • Smaller compartment where 7 - 14 grams of ground coffee can be added (decaf)
  • Grind adjustment 1-5 (finest to coarsest) can be made when the grinder is running
  • Alerts on display screen - empty drip tray, empty grounds, fill water tank, fill beans, fill powder (ground coffee), need descale
  • Auto cleaning cycle when machine is turned on & off
  • Adjustable settings - coffee strength (mild, normal, strong), water temperature (low, medium, high), coffee volume, hot water volume, milk foam time (cappuccinos), & milk foam and heated milk time (lattes) 
  • Adjustable volume settings - espresso (15 - 120 mL), long coffee, cappuccino, latte (15 - 240 mL) & hot water (25 - 450 mL)
  • Easy to remove and clean milk frother


Item Specification
Voltage/ Frequency 110 volt /60Hz
Heating power 1400 W
Pump pressure 19 Bar (two heating systems)
Water tank capacity 1.8 L
Beans container capacity 250 g
Capacity of coffee grounds container 15 portions
Adjusting height of coffee spout 80~140mm
Length of power cord 5 feet
Dimensions(LxWxH) Inches

17.5" x 11.9" x 14.5"

Kalerm Premium (Superautomatic) - Currency Coffee Co
Kalerm Premium (Superautomatic) - Currency Coffee Co

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